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TokenProvider Class Reference

#include <tokenprovider.h>

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CanvasText Label

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Detailed Description

This class handles the replacement of tokens like [date] or [article_no].

Dominik Seichter

Definition at line 30 of file tokenprovider.h.

Public Member Functions

const QString articleNo () const
const QString barcodeNo () const
int index () const
unsigned int page () const
QPaintDevice * paintDevice () const
QString parse (const QString &text)
void setArticleNo (const QString &t)
void setBarcodeNo (const QString &t)
void setCustomerNo (const QString &t)
void setEncodingTypeName (const QString &t)
void setGroup (const QString &t)
void setIndex (unsigned int index)
void setLabelName (const QString &t)
void setPage (unsigned int page)
void setSerial (const QString &t, unsigned int inc)
 TokenProvider (QPaintDevice *paintdevice)
bool update () const
void updateDone ()

Private Member Functions

const QString createSerial ()
QString findBrackets (QString text, int pos=-1)
QString findToken (QString token)
QString query (const QString &query)

Private Attributes

QString article_no
QString barcode_no
QString customer_no
QRegExp date_reg_exp
QString encoding_type_name
QString group
QString label_name
time_t label_time
struct tm label_time_struct
bool m_contains_update
unsigned int m_increment
unsigned int m_index
unsigned int m_page
QPaintDevice * m_printer
bool m_update
QString serial
char temp_time_str [50]

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