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SqlTables Class Reference

#include <sqltables.h>

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Detailed Description

This singleton is used to access a database in KBarcode.

This class is used to access a database, create it and save its settings to the application configuration file. Also the labeldefinitions and exmplate data are imported using this class.

Dominik Seichter

Definition at line 86 of file sqltables.h.

Public Slots

bool connectMySQL ()
void importData (const QString &filename, QSqlDatabase *db)
void importExampleData ()
void importLabelDef ()
void loadConfig ()
bool newTables (const QString &username, const QString &password, const QString &hostname, const QString &database, const QString &driver)
bool newTables ()
void saveConfig ()
bool testSettings (const QString &username, const QString &password, const QString &hostname, const QString &database, const QString &driver)


void connectedSQL ()
void tablesChanged ()

Public Member Functions

const SqlDescriptiondriver () const
mysqldata * getData () const
 SqlTables (QObject *parent=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static SqlTablesgetInstance ()
static bool isConnected ()

Private Member Functions

void exec (QSqlQuery *query, const QString &text)
void updateTables ()

Private Attributes

bool connected
QSqlDatabase * db
mysqldata * sqldata

Static Private Attributes

static SqlTablesinstance = 0

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