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LabelPrinter Class Reference

#include <labelprinter.h>

Inheritance diagram for LabelPrinter:

DSMainWindow XMLUtils

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Detailed Description

The powerful batch printing module of KBarcode.

Definition at line 49 of file labelprinter.h.

Public Slots

void print (bool immediately=false, const QString &printer=QString::null)
void wizard ()


void connectedSQL ()

Public Member Functions

bool isFirstStart () const
 LabelPrinter (QString filename, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, WFlags f=WType_TopLevel)
void setCustomerId (const QString &id)
void setLabelURL (const QString &url)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString systemCheck ()

Protected Slots

void loadConfig ()
void saveConfig ()

Protected Attributes

KPushButton * buttonAdd
KPushButton * buttonAddAll
KPushButton * buttonEdit
KPushButton * buttonImages
QHBoxLayout * buttonLayout
KPushButton * buttonPrint
KPushButton * buttonRemove
KPushButton * buttonRemoveAll
KCompletion * compGroup
KAction * connectAct
KComboBox * customerId
KComboBox * customerName
QString description
KPopupMenu * file
bool first
KPopupMenu * hlpMenu
KAction * importExampleAct
KAction * importLabelDefAct
QLabel * info1
QLabel * info2
QLabel * info3
QLabel * info4
QLabel * info5
int labels
KListView * list
KPopupMenu * mnuImport
QVBoxLayout * pageLayout
KIntNumInput * serialInc
KLineEdit * serialStart
KPopupMenu * settings
KURLRequester * urlrequester

Static Protected Attributes

static bool autoconnect = true
static bool startwizard = true

Private Types

enum  _dpixy { DpiX, DpiY }

Private Slots

void addAllItems ()
bool addItem (const QString &article, const QString &group, int count, bool msgbox=true)
void addItem ()
const QStringList allItems ()
void changeDescription ()
void changeItem (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &, int col)
void customerIdChanged (int index)
void customerNameChanged (int index)
void editItem ()
void enableControls ()
void images ()
void loadFromClipboard ()
void loadFromFile (const QString &url)
void loadFromFile ()
void removeItem ()
void setupSql ()
void updateInfo ()

Private Member Functions

void addGroupCompletion (const QString &group)
bool existsArticle (const QString &article)
void fillWithData (BatchPrinter *batch)
QBuffer * getBuffer ()
const QString getModeFromCaption (const QString &cap)
const QString getTypeFromCaption (const QString &cap)
void loadData (QFile *file=0, const QString &data=QString::null)
double mmToPixel (double mm, const QPaintDevice *device, int mode=DpiX)
double pixelToMm (double pixel, const QPaintDevice *device, int mode=DpiX)
double pixelToPixelX (double unit, const QPaintDevice *src, const QPaintDevice *dest)
double pixelToPixelY (double unit, const QPaintDevice *src, const QPaintDevice *dest)
barcodeData readBarcode (QDomElement *tag, MyCanvasView *cv=0)
DefinitionreadDefinition (QDomElement *tag, QWidget *parent=0)
QColor readXMLColor (QDomElement *tag, const QString &prefix, QColor c)
QRect readXMLRect (QDomElement *tag, MyCanvasView *cv=0)
void setupActions ()
void writeBarcode (QDomElement *tag, const barcodeData *data, const CanvasBarcode *code=0, const MyCanvasView *cv=0, bool cache=false) const
void writeDefinition (QDomElement *tag, Definition *d) const
void writeXMLColor (QDomElement *tag, const QString &prefix, QColor c) const
void writeXMLRect (QDomElement *tag, QRect r, MyCanvasView *cv=0) const

Static Private Member Functions

static QPixmap * drawString (const QString &t)
static QPixmap * drawString (const QString &t, int w, int h, double rot=0)
static void renderString (QPainter *painter, const QString &t, int w, int h, double scalex, double scaley)
static QSize stringSize (const QString &t)

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