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LabelEditor Class Reference

#include <labeleditor.h>

Inheritance diagram for LabelEditor:

DSMainWindow XMLUtils

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Detailed Description

The LabelEditor is a graphical, easy to use label designer. It provides all the function necessary to create colorful labels and save them. Labels can also be printed directly, but without database support. Use Batchprinting (LabelPrinter) for this.

Definition at line 76 of file labeleditor.h.

Public Types

enum  _mode { CreateNewLabel, LoadLabel }

Public Slots

void print ()
void wizard ()


void connectedSQL ()

Public Member Functions

const QString fileName () const
bool isFirstStart () const
 LabelEditor (QWidget *parent=0, QString _filename=QString::null, const char *name="labeleditor", WFlags f=WType_TopLevel|WDestructiveClose)
bool startupDlg (int mode, QString f=QString::null)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString systemCheck ()

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)

Protected Attributes

KAction * addressAct
KAction * addressBookAct
KAction * barcodeAct
KPushButton * buttonText
MyCanvas * c
KAction * changeSizeAct
KAction * circleAct
KAction * closeLabelAct
KComboBox * comboScale
KAction * connectAct
KAction * copyAct
KAction * cutAct
MyCanvasView * cv
KAction * deleteAct
QString description
KAction * descriptionAct
KAction * editPropAct
KAction * exportAct
KPopupMenu * exportMenu
KAction * exportZPLAct
QMap< QString, QString > fields
KPopupMenu * file
QString filename
bool first
KToggleAction * gridAct
KCommandHistory * history
KPopupMenu * hlpMenu
KAction * importExampleAct
KAction * importLabelDefAct
KAction * lineAct
KToolBarPopupAction * listAct
KListBox * listFields
bool m_edited
KActionMenu * menuFields
KActionMenu * menuSystemFields
QVBoxLayout * pageLayout
KAction * pasteAct
KAction * pictureAct
KAction * previewAct
KAction * printAct
KRecentFilesAction * recentAct
KAction * rectAct
KAction * redoAct
KAction * saveAct
KAction * saveAsAct
KActionSeparator * sep
KPopupMenu * settings
KAction * spellAct
KAction * textAct
KToolBar * tools
KAction * undoAct

Static Protected Attributes

static bool autoconnect = true
static bool startwizard = true

Private Types

enum  _dpixy { DpiX, DpiY }

Private Slots

void backCurrent ()
void batchPrint ()
void centerHorizontal ()
void centerVertical ()
void changeDes ()
void changeLineSettings (QCanvasItem *item=0)
void changePictureSettings (QCanvasItem *item=0)
void changeRectSettings (QCanvasItem *item=0)
void changeSize ()
void changeText (QCanvasItem *item=0)
void closeLabel ()
void copy ()
void cut ()
void doubleClickedCurrent ()
void doubleClickedItem (QCanvasItem *item)
void enableControls ()
void exportLabel ()
void exportZPL ()
void insertAddress ()
void insertBarcode ()
void insertCircle ()
void insertDataText (int index)
void insertLine ()
void insertPicture (QImage *img)
void insertPicture ()
void insertRect ()
void insertText ()
void launchAddressBook ()
void loadConfig ()
void lowerCurrent ()
void moveByValue ()
bool newLabel ()
void onTopCurrent ()
bool open ()
bool openUrl (const QString &url)
void paste ()
void preview ()
void raiseCurrent ()
void save (QIODevice *device)
bool save (QString url)
bool save ()
bool saveas ()
void saveConfig ()
void setEdited ()
void showContextMenu (QCanvasItem *item, QPoint pos)
void spellCheck ()
void startBarcodeGen ()
void startEditor ()
void startLoadEditor ()
void startLoadRecentEditor (const KURL &url)
void toggleGrid ()
void updateInfo ()

Private Member Functions

void clearLabel ()
void enableActions ()
QString getCustomerName (int mode=0, QString text="")
const QString getModeFromCaption (const QString &cap)
const QString getTypeFromCaption (const QString &cap)
void insertText (QString caption)
bool isChanged ()
double mmToPixel (double mm, const QPaintDevice *device, int mode=DpiX)
double pixelToMm (double pixel, const QPaintDevice *device, int mode=DpiX)
double pixelToPixelX (double unit, const QPaintDevice *src, const QPaintDevice *dest)
double pixelToPixelY (double unit, const QPaintDevice *src, const QPaintDevice *dest)
barcodeData readBarcode (QDomElement *tag, MyCanvasView *cv=0)
DefinitionreadDefinition (QDomElement *tag, QWidget *parent=0)
QColor readXMLColor (QDomElement *tag, const QString &prefix, QColor c)
QRect readXMLRect (QDomElement *tag, MyCanvasView *cv=0)
void setupActions ()
void setupBarcode (CanvasBarcode *bcode)
void writeBarcode (QDomElement *tag, const barcodeData *data, const CanvasBarcode *code=0, const MyCanvasView *cv=0, bool cache=false) const
void writeDefinition (QDomElement *tag, Definition *d) const
void writeXMLColor (QDomElement *tag, const QString &prefix, QColor c) const
void writeXMLRect (QDomElement *tag, QRect r, MyCanvasView *cv=0) const

Static Private Member Functions

static QPixmap * drawString (const QString &t)
static QPixmap * drawString (const QString &t, int w, int h, double rot=0)
static void renderString (QPainter *painter, const QString &t, int w, int h, double scalex, double scaley)
static QSize stringSize (const QString &t)

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