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Label Class Reference

#include <label.h>

Inheritance diagram for Label:

XMLUtils TokenProvider

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Detailed Description

Creates a QPicture from the XML KBarcode file. If a SQL connections is available the data from the SQL tables will be used, too.

Definition at line 39 of file label.h.

Public Member Functions

const QString articleNo () const
const QString barcodeNo () const
int getId () const
int index () const
 Label (Definition *_def, QIODevice *device, QString labelname, QPaintDevice *_printer, QString customer_id, QString _article_no, QString _group="")
unsigned int page () const
QPaintDevice * paintDevice () const
QString parse (const QString &text)
QPicture * picture ()
void setArticleNo (const QString &t)
void setBarcodeNo (const QString &t)
void setCustomerNo (const QString &t)
void setEncodingTypeName (const QString &t)
void setGroup (const QString &t)
void setIndex (unsigned int index)
void setLabelName (const QString &t)
void setPage (unsigned int page)
void setPrinter (KPrinter *p)
void setSerial (const QString &t, unsigned int inc)
bool update () const
void updateDone ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void getXLabel (double x, double y, double width, double height, QPainter *painter, int mode, QString value="")

Protected Attributes

QDomDocument * doc
KPrinter * m_printer
bool m_sequence
QPicture p

Private Types

enum  _dpixy { DpiX, DpiY }

Private Member Functions

void draw ()
int getHighestZ ()
int getLowestZ ()
const QString getModeFromCaption (const QString &cap)
const QString getTypeFromCaption (const QString &cap)
void load (QIODevice *device)
double mmToPixel (double mm, const QPaintDevice *device, int mode=DpiX)
double pixelToMm (double pixel, const QPaintDevice *device, int mode=DpiX)
double pixelToPixelX (double unit, const QPaintDevice *src, const QPaintDevice *dest)
double pixelToPixelY (double unit, const QPaintDevice *src, const QPaintDevice *dest)
barcodeData readBarcode (QDomElement *tag, MyCanvasView *cv=0)
DefinitionreadDefinition (QDomElement *tag, QWidget *parent=0)
QColor readXMLColor (QDomElement *tag, const QString &prefix, QColor c)
QRect readXMLRect (QDomElement *tag, MyCanvasView *cv=0)
void setBarcodeValue (barcodeData *data)
void writeBarcode (QDomElement *tag, const barcodeData *data, const CanvasBarcode *code=0, const MyCanvasView *cv=0, bool cache=false) const
void writeDefinition (QDomElement *tag, Definition *d) const
void writeXMLColor (QDomElement *tag, const QString &prefix, QColor c) const
void writeXMLRect (QDomElement *tag, QRect r, MyCanvasView *cv=0) const

Static Private Member Functions

static QPixmap * drawString (const QString &t)
static QPixmap * drawString (const QString &t, int w, int h, double rot=0)
static void renderString (QPainter *painter, const QString &t, int w, int h, double scalex, double scaley)
static QSize stringSize (const QString &t)

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