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KBarcode Class Reference

#include <kbarcode.h>

Inheritance diagram for KBarcode:


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Detailed Description

The main window of KBarcode. All submodules are started from here. Submodules are the LabelEditor LabelPrinter (Batchprinting), DatabaseBrowser and BarcodeDialog. There are also a few smaller modules.

Definition at line 45 of file kbarcode.h.

Public Slots

void wizard ()


void connectedSQL ()

Public Member Functions

bool isFirstStart () const
 KBarcode (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name="kbarcode", WFlags f=WType_TopLevel|WDestructiveClose)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString systemCheck ()

Protected Slots

void loadConfig ()
void saveConfig ()

Protected Attributes

KPopupMenu * file
bool first
KPopupMenu * hlpMenu
KAction * importExampleAct
KAction * importLabelDefAct
KPopupMenu * settings

Static Protected Attributes

static bool autoconnect = true
static bool startwizard = true

Private Slots

void editArticles ()
void editCustomers ()
void editCustomerText ()
void editLabelDef ()
void enableData ()
void importCSV ()
void startBarcode ()
void startBatchPrint ()
void startLabelEditor ()

Private Member Functions

bool connectSQL ()
bool isSQLConnected () const
void parseCmdLine ()
void setupActions ()
void showConfigure ()
void showWizard ()

Private Attributes

KPushButton * buttonBatch
KPushButton * buttonData
KPushButton * buttonEditor
KPushButton * buttonSingle
KAction * connectAct

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