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BatchPrinter Class Reference

#include <batchprinter.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is responsible for batch printing of articles. It is also responsible for creating images of all articles.
Dominik Seichter

Definition at line 37 of file batchprinter.h.

Public Member Functions

 BatchPrinter (const QString &path, QWidget *p)
 BatchPrinter (KPrinter *p, QWidget *_parent)
void setBuffer (QBuffer *b)
void setCustomer (const QString &s)
void setData (QValueList< data > *list)
void setDefinition (Definition *d)
void setEvents (bool b)
void setLabels (int l)
void setMove (int m)
void setName (const QString &s)
void setSerial (const QString &s, unsigned int inc)
void start ()
void startImages ()

Private Member Functions

void changeLine ()
void checkForNewPage (Label *label)
bool checkProgressDialog (QProgressDialog *progress)
QProgressDialog * createProgressDialog (const QString &caption)
void drawBorders ()
void moveLabels ()
void printXLabel (int lb, Label *label, const QString &value)
void proccessEvents (int lb, QString value=QString::null, Label *label=0)

Private Attributes

QBuffer * buffer
int c_h
int c_w
double curh
double curw
QString m_customer
QValueList< data > * m_data
bool m_events
bool m_filename_article
QString m_format
unsigned int m_increment
unsigned int m_labels
unsigned int m_move
QString m_name
QString m_path
QString m_serial
double pageh
QPainter * painter
QWidget * parent
KPrinter * printer


struct  data

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