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BarcodeWidget Class Reference

#include <barcodecombo.h>

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Detailed Description

This widget is used in BarCodeDialog and BarcodeSettingsDlg and allows the user to change the data of a barcodeData struct. This powerful widget is always used when the user has to change some property of a barcode.

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Dominik Seichter

Definition at line 58 of file barcodecombo.h.

Public Member Functions

 BarcodeWidget (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void defaults ()
barcodeData getData () const
void setData (const barcodeData b)
void setDataEnabled (bool b)
void setStandardEnabled (bool b)

Private Slots

void advanced ()
void changed ()
void encodingChanged ()

Private Attributes

barcodeData barcode
KPushButton * buttonAdvanced
QCheckBox * checkText
KLineEdit * data
QLabel * labelData
QLabel * labelStandard
bool m_enabledata
bool m_multi
QTextEdit * multi
KIntNumInput * spinCut
KIntNumInput * spinMargin
KIntNumInput * spinRotation
KIntNumInput * spinScale

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